Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tournament Time - Nutritional Strategies

When preparing for an upcoming tournament, one of the most important training issues is to focus on is your diet. Many athletes spend hours working on strength, fitness and technique. However they often fail to eat a diet that will prepare them from intense competition. Soccer requires tremendous energy expenditure. Therefore it is critical that muscle energy stores be maximized before the tournament begins and then be completely replenished after each match. This is best accomplished by following a proper dietary regimen – eating the right foods at the right time.

Diet is especially important at tournament time when you are away from home and eating on the road. Playing two games per day with a short period to re-fuel between matches makes eating properly difficult.

The followng papers describe stratigies for maximizing tournament performance through nutrition. The first privides nutritional guidelines for pre- and post-match diet, suggestions for eating well before the tournaments as well as between matches. The second paper describes potential options for "eating ont he road", what you can eat when you are forced to take the "fast food" option.

Nutitional Guidelines

Eating on the Run