Solutions to overcome scalability

We all know that the Ethereum Code is based on the blockchain technology.  The blockchain technology has many capabilities in it.  There is no doubt in that. The blockchain developed created many useful applications like decentralized exchanges and market prediction. Though blockchain has many potentials, it has some barriers to overcome today. Let us take a look at those barriers.

  1. Limited scalability:

It has no central party to provide a safe and secure transaction. Instead, every single node in the blockchain has to secure the transactions made and it has to maintain a copy of the entire transactions. So, the scalability, which is the number of transactions is very limited here.

There are two practical implications for this barrier. They are as follow.

  1. Low throughput:

Throughput is nothing but the output that is the number of transactions.  Blockchains will process only a limited number of transactions. So, the throughput is very less.

  1. Slow transaction times:

The time taken by the blockchain to process a transaction is too slow. When a bitcoin takes 10 minutes, the ethereum will take 14 seconds.

Solutions to overcome scalability:

Scalability is just a path to the success. There are some solutions to overcome the scalability barrier.

  • Off-chain payment channels:

When a transaction happens in the blockchain, the payment channel will respond immediately, thereby increases the speed of every transaction and also the throughput.

  • Sharding:

Sharding is just the separation of the whole blockchain into different shards. Each shard will get stored and they will be processed by the nodes.

  • DAG Approach:

DAG is Direct Acrylic Graph which will have a vertex and an edge. They are connected by nodes.

It will make a sequence of nodes in a topological order.


  1. Limited privacy:

Privacy is a major thing for all companies, any industries, and individuals. The personal details and the financial information can be hacked by the hackers. To overcome this barrier, we can go for the below things.

  • Electronic medical records:

It will protect the information in a confidential manner so that no one can misuse the information.

  • Verification of data:

The important data cannot be stored in an open and public place.

  • Credential management:

The passwords and the keys have no place to keep since it is not secure.

  • Financial documents:

The employee’s salary should not be kept in an open place since it can be easily traced and misused by someone.


Thus conclude that though the Ethereum code has many potentials as well as barriers, it still stands as a queen in the cryptocurrency world next to bitcoin.