Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Release! Diet and Training Journal

The Science of Soccer Online is excited to announce the release of The SCIENCE Behind Soccer Nutrition: Diet and Training Journal. The SCIENCE Behind Soccer Nutrition, released a few months ago, was written to give players and coaches the “whys” about diet and performance and to provide a broad set of guidelines for eating a solid diet. The new Diet and Training Journal is a bit different. It is designed as a tool, as a way to promote changes in nutritional habits that will instill a solid diet. In short, this journal encourages players to examine how they prepare for a match and to take ownership of their diet and training. Using the strategy of recording and reflecting, players will see how diet and performance are integrally linked.

The Diet and Training journal was written at the request of several youth coaches. They wanted a way to emphasize the importance of a solid diet and to instill proper eating habits in their players. Improving diet and enhancing performance requires behavioral change. Breaking bad habits and instilling positive ones is the ultimate objective. At the center of behavioral change is the process of recording actions and reflecting on their consequences. That is, taking note of foods players eat then reflecting on how they affected play is the first step towards correcting errors. In the end, recording and reflecting gives players the tools needed to make individual changes in diet and training.

The chapters include instructions on why and how to keep a diet and training journal as well as detailed information on nutritional choices:

• Why Keep a Journal?
• Making Solid Selections
• How to Keep a Journal
• Daily Journal Pages
• Match-Day Journal Pages

Included are 12 weeks of daily journal pages - one page for each day plus a weekly reflection page. Match-day pages are also included so that you can reflect on your match performance.

Copies are $9.95 each. Visit the Science of Soccer Online Bookstore to order your copy today.