Monday, October 14, 2013

2014 World Conference on Science and Soccer

One on the goals of the Science of Soccer Online is to bridge the gap between researchers who study the science behind the game and coaches who want to train their players using cutting-edge methods and techniques. In 2014, the 4th World Conference on Science and Soccer (WCSS) will be held for the first time in the United States. The conference will bring together individuals who are interested in the study and/or practical performance of soccer players, including sports scientists, coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, sports physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, professors and students. The overall goal is to bring some of the world’s best scientists, coaches, and practitioners into a conversation about how research can improve performance on the pitch.

The WCSS will be held June 5-7, 2014 and is hosted by the University of Portland and Program Chair, Dr. Terry Favero. This is the first time the conference will be held in the United States, but over 300 participants from over 30 countries are expected to join the US audience. Previous host cities are Ghent (Belgium), Port Elizabeth (South Africa), and Liverpool (United Kingdom).

Anyone who is interested in the scientific study and/or the practical performance of soccer, from grass roots to the elite professional level, is invited. This includes academics, sports scientists and exercise physiologists, full and part-time youth coaches, strength and conditioning specialists, athletic trainers and physiotherapists, as well as administrators, teachers and students. A broad range of interests will foster translating research results from the laboratory to the useful applications on the pitch.

The program includes speakers and topics such as:
  • Plenary Speaker: Rasmus Ankersen, Author of The Gold Mine Effect: Crack the Secrets of High Performance
  • Managing Training Load: Aaron Coutts, University of Technology Sydney
  • Soccer Nutrition: James Morton, Liverpool John Moores University
  • Soccer and Health: Peter Krustrup, University of Exeter
  • Match Analysis: Chris Carling, LOSC Lille Métropole Football Club
  • Recovery From Training/Matches: Shona Halson, Australian Institute of Sport
  • Sport Psychology: Gier Jordet, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences
  • Youth Specific Training Model: Martin Bucheit, Alberto Mendez-Villanueva, Aspire Academy
  • Athletic Skills Development and Soccer: Jan Willem Teunissen, Ajax Youth Academy/Geert Savelsbergh, University of Amsterdam
  • Soccer Biomechanics: Hiro (Hiroyuki) Nunome, Nagoya University/Ewald Essig, University of Duisburg-Essen
  • The Numbers Game: Why Everything You Know about Soccer is Wrong. Christopher Anderson, Cornell University
  • Match Analysis: Ben Knapper, Lead Performance Arsenal FC
  • Injury Prediction Model: Dave Tenney, Head Fitness Coach and Sport Scientist Seattle Sounders

Other topics of discussion will include:
  • Training and testing
  • Performance/match analysis
  • Women’s soccer
  • Sport psychology
  • Talent identification
  • Youth development
  • Injury prevention
  • Biomechanics
  • Soccer and health
  • Lab to field sessions focused on:
  • - Speed and Agility for Soccer Athletes
  • - Managing Training Load During the College Soccer Season
  • - Strength Training for the Soccer Athlete

Please join us for this exciting and informative event! For more information on the WCSS, click here.