NSCAA Convention Recap

Thanks to everyone who attended my session on the recovery diet. It was a full house with some very good questions from the audience and from the Twitter feed. I want to thank the NSCAA for inviting me and giving me a change to “bridge the gap” between science and performance.

Gatherings like these are places where you meet new people and learn new things. If you have noticed, a major topic that is being discussed in most such formal and non-formal events is the growth of crypto currencies and the trend of trading with bots. Bot trading might sound something like a concept straight out of a science fiction movie. But it became a reality several months ago. There have been so many advancements that the bots designed to act as the trader can learn and evolve. These are self-learning bots that can observe their decisions compare them with the market results and the real time market data and then improve each of the future decisions. So the strategy that is fed into the bot would improve over time. The trading bot might also learn to compare and pick the best features in order to take the decisions quickly and accurately. Such advanced bots are the bots designed for the future. They are in fact the bots that are also the most relevant for the present trading scenario. So in a market that is filled with trading bots of different types and different customisation options the bots with self-learning abilities are the ones that stand out. These are also the ones that end up making better profits than the other similar bots in the field.

The self-learning bots would also have a competitive edge when it comes to making decisions in the fluctuating markets. Market fluctuations are prone to occur all the time. The way the trader makes use of these fluctuations is what determines the success of the trader, the profits he makes. For this the trader should be able understand the market cycles in crypto markets. If you are a first time crypto trader, my review here talks about one such trading bot that works pretty well in changing market conditions and gives some good profits for the investors.

If you weren’t able to attend, a recording of my presentation can be found HERE.

Also, the PowerPoint slides that I used can be found HERE.

Posted by Jay Williams, Ph.D.