Understand the limitations and challenges in crypto trading

There are now several exchanges handling crypto trading. The number of exchanges has been increasing but still the demand is also increasing at a rapid pace. Crypto transactions are known to be secure and convenient. But there are also limitations to be overcome. The bandwidth required to add the encryption and the time stamps of the blocks in the blockchain is quite high. The increasing need for a larger bandwidth is one main issue that experts are working on.

Crypto trading and crypto transactions do have some delays

When we talk about financial transactions in general, there was a time when to transfer money from one account to another there was a delay of several days to hours. But now most online transactions can happen in minutes. Crypto currency system has become popular as it has made fund transfers so much simpler and quicker. But that doesn’t mean that crypto transactions are always free of delays. There are inherent delays that cannot be avoided.

The demand is soaring

The increasing need for mining is one thing to talk about. More and more people are now looking to invest in crypto currencies. There is more demand than the availability of tokens. So when there are buyers alone and no sellers, the situation would lead to delays. There would be a wait time for some of the traders to change their decision and sell the currencies. Meanwhile there is work going on to increase the availability of crypto currencies as well.

Processing does take a while

From the step where the sender sends the order details top the time where the actual order is credited in the trader’s accounts there is a brief delay. The processing time here would depend again on many factors. There have been cases where the busy markets have led to the processing time extending for hours. But this is not the case always.

Validation of the transactions would also take a little time. This is a step that is executed in order to confirm the order and to credit the amount in the picture. Exchanges today come with responsive support teams. So in those instances where such delays occur users can easily get in touch with the teams to get their issues resolved.

Trading bots hide all these delays in a blackbox so that you would not have to wait for long durations. The bot would carry out its duties even when you are sleeping. This is a great post to read if you are looking for a trading bot for crypto currency trading.