Sunday, January 17, 2016

Following Up the 2016 USYS Workshop and NSCAA Convention

It was a great few days in Baltimore and the joint Workshop and Convention and my please having the opportunity to speak.  I sincerely appreciate the interest in our work.  Attendance at my sessions was quite impressive and the questions from the audience were very interesting.  There were several great points raised by coaches in the audience, very thoughtful and insightful.  More importantly, it is os nice to see that an academic and researcher is so well received by the coaching community.  That’s what we’re here for – to generate and communicate information that will help you coach better and your players perform better.  As I mentioned at the meeting, if the research we’re doing, isn’t being put into practice, then we’re just spinning our wheels.

As promised, the PowerPoint files for my three presentations are linked below.  Feel free to look them over and use them as needed.

Recovery: Looking Forward to the Next Match
How Should the Referee Prep for Recover from a Match?
Half-Time Strategies: Preparing for the Second Period

Thanks for a wonderful meeting.  I look forward to 2017!