Soccer Diet

Soccer Diet: The Simplest Way to Improve Your Team’s Performance
An E-Learning Course and Community

Sports Path™ and Professor Jay Williams have combined to develop, an interactive, online learning course and ongoing community. Our goal is to assist coaches with improving the diet and performance of their players. Improving player performance is at the heart of this course and community. Key features include:

Skills – to be a successful soccer player it needs to have more skills other than technically and tactically talented. A good soccer player is not only good decision maker bet they are also strong, powerful. As they make the physical component of the game so sharpening their skills with exercise and practice is very important.

Training- training every day without fail is very important for a soccer player, from goalkeeper to midfielder everyone needs a dedicated training regime. Everyday training makes the player perfect and helps them to overcome their weaknesses.  It improves the infield strengths of a player. It is not easy to play for 90 minutes at a stretch it needs the lot of exercising, jogging, running to stay in the field with full stamina.

Tactics – soccer is the game of strategies, it involves individual skills and team tactics as well. For a viewer it is a 90 minute game in which one team has to score more goals than others but to score these goals  a lot of planning and team tactics is required, it is not a game of individual  player where he can showcase his own talent but the team as a whole has to perform well to win the game.

Nutrition- food is fuel for the body so eating a balanced diet is necessary to have a sound mind and body. A soccer player should eat 22- 24 calories times as per body weight. They should eat 1- 1.5 grams proteins times according to body weight. Eat carbohydrate according to the physical activity.   See it here to know more about nutrition

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The SCIENCE Behind Soccer Nutrition, 2nd Edition
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This book stresses a set of fundamental principles, built on scientific research designed to guide you through the nutritional challenges of training and competing. The 2nd edition contains updated and new chapters, focused on helping players develop their individual nutritional strategy for maximizing performance.

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